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Corona Virus isn’t the only important “C” word. Commissioner reminds residents that completing the C

LETTERS – In a letter to, Margate City Commissioner, Anthony Caggiano, says that completing the U.S. Census is a priority for Margate residents. With nearly 50% of households already responding to the decennial survey, the City of Margate still has a way to go in order to receive needed funds from the Federal Government.

“The most popular C word at the moment is the Corona Virus. This lethal virus is worthy of our attention, but not our sole attention. The other, critically, important C word is the 2020 U.S. Census. An accurate Census count equals Cash for our Community. Not to mention Unemployment Insurance, Disabled Veteran’s Outreach Program, Assistance to Firefighters Grant, Adult Education, National School Lunch Program and so many more critical programs,” writes Caggiano.

"I know your eyes are starting to glaze over at the word Census, but these numbers will wake you up."

“132 programs use Census data to distribute more than $675 billion in funds annually.”

(Chart: Top 11 programs)

A correct count, at a time when more and more people are moving to Florida, ensures we have correct representation in the U.S. House of Representatives. An undercount ensures for a decade that we won’t have proper representation and remember representation is power. An undercount also means that the State and therefore Margate won’t receive the funding we RIGHTFULLY DESERVE.

Accurate Census numbers help city planners, government service providers, private businesses and others who make decisions on housing, green space and infrastructure needs plan accordingly. Businesses look at Census data to project future expansion needs. A correct count is important in making difficult decisions about perceived future planning needs.

So as we worry about the health of our families during this current crisis, let’s not forget that neglecting your Census questionnaire now will have repercussions for the next decade. It is of critical importance that everyone in Margate, the County and the State is accurately counted. Do your part while you are home and fill out your Census form.

Thank You,

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