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Richard Zucchini Snaps Back at

Margate Planning and Zoning Chair, Richard Zucchini, claims a recent editorial by mischaracterizes his persona and intent. He disputes a recent decision by the Broward State Attorneys office in a mayoral claim of battery against a Margate citizen and proclaims he has a vision for the city. He directs frustration at Editor, Mitch Pellecchia, and Columnist, Manny Lugo.

“I challenge him to accept my writing contribution as a point counterpoint, to some of his more recent articles, and those going forward,” writes the volunteer board member.

For background read: Margate Planning & Zoning Chair, Rich Zucchini, Speaks of Miscreants and Sensationalism in the City



My reference to miscreants are those with nothing substantive to say, and overwhelmingly emotionally negative. Mr. Pellecchia's characterization was completely wrong, as I wasn't referring to all, or even most condo owners, but his comment spoke to him taking an easy shot at me in reaction to pointing out his turn towards sensationalism. I challenge him to accept my writing contribution as a point counterpoint, to some of his more recent articles, and those going forward. I interviewed with Mr. Pellecchia, for at least 1 1/2 hours when I was nominated chair by my peers on the board. I laid out a vision for the board, and the city, backed with substantive data from the county, none of that was reported. Mr. Pellecchia conveniently forgets the first thing I said and repeated to him, as I sat down, I said " I want to make it clear that Todd Angier (previous PZ chair is a very good man) , but that didn't fit in his narrative of mischaracterizing me. He also forgets writing articles in support of both my and Arserios frustration with Angiers lack of vision as chair. I pointed out accurately a statement that Angier made to the CRA board that he was "happy" they were being sued. My criticism was valid. Mr. Pellecchia's criticism of me doing that was disingenuous at best... but again sensationalism. I have more to comment, such as the recent battery on Mayor Caggiano, I WAS the only witness in position to see what occurred. He WAS assaulted, and if gender roles were reversed he would have been arrested, but the truth seems less important, than ridiculing the Mayors claim. Shame that Peerman wasn't held responsible for that, she has a propensity to this, when she actually threatened to assault me in the commission hall (yes there was a witness) , but again truth seems less important lately.

Most surprising in Mitchs attack was his veiled sarcastic remark about our upcoming special water management PZ meeting. Something he should be wholly supportive of, but again didn't fit in his attack narrative. So let's see if he accepts my challenge at point/counter point. Apologies for any misspellings, grammar, or run on sentences, I am responding on my phone.

Manny, next time I write to you as a friend, at least have the courtesy to ask me if I want it published, I would have made some grammar/spelling improvements for publication. Mitch took cheap shots and knows I dont have the forum to respond.

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