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Margate Mayor to Broward School Officials: Our Children Matter

Margate Mayor, Anthony Caggiano, along with other city delegates weren’t too happy with Broward School Board rhetoric at a recent meeting with parents and school authorities at Margate Elementary School Friday. Find his letter to here.

From Margate Mayor, Anthony Caggiano:

I considered the Broward schools meeting held last week at Margate Elementary to be a 'bait and switch' situation. The Broward County School Bond was passed in 2014 and five years later our aging schools (some over 40 years old) have been subject to bare minimums.

Now school board representatives show up and ask, "What do you prefer we do in your school?”

The caring residents who attended the meeting didn’t realize they were there to give the School Board a pass.

I said point blank to the room, "You are here today to pick your poison, that our children aren’t worth repairing the school and bringing it up to code. But don’t worry, the Broward School System has money to repair much newer schools in far less need of renovation.

I am tired of our City getting shafted by the Broward County School Board. Our children are as important as children in more affluent Broward cities that are seemingly higher up on the list than Margate.

They won’t accept being shafted by the school board and neither should we.


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