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Anthony Caggiano

Birthdate: April 7, 1959

Margate resident since September 1, 2003


 Proud Father of two fantastic children: Sophia (17) and Jason (37).  Jason and Claire, his wife, have blessed him with two beautiful grandchildren: Abigail and Miles              

Bachelors of Science in ECONOMICS from Harpur College at the State University of New York at Binghamton


Queens, NY


Margate, Fl.


Guest speaker at 4 Margate School Graduations in June of 2023 and loved every minute of it.

Eagle Scout

Former Lodge Chief of Suanhacky Lodge#49  

        Order of the Arrow, BSA


  • 2023/05-  Received Sawgrass (Scouting) District's .... "Award of Merit"

  • 2022/12-  Sworn in as Mayor

  • 2021/12-  Sworn in as Vice Mayor 

  • 2021 - present   District Commissioner Scouts of America

  • 2020 - present member of Florida League of Cities  Legislative Committee

  • 2020 - present member of Broward County Climate Resilience Unit

  • 2020 - present Broward County Alpha 250 Margate observer

  • 2020/11/03-   Re-elected  City Commissioner (carried 16 of 16 precincts) 

  • 2019 - present   member of the Broward County DCCI Task Force (Dementia Care & Cure Initiative) through the Fl. Department of Elder Affairs   Aging & Disability Resource Center

  • The 2019 Broward Leaders Water and Climate Academy - completed

  • 2018/12/05-  Sworn in as   Mayor

  • 2018/09/07 -  Received the  prestigious "Light of the Community" from the                                       Pompano/Lighthouse Point/Margate Chamber of Commerce

  • 2016 - present    Margate's  Delegate to the Broward League of Cities

  • 2017/12/06  Sworn in as Vice Mayor 

  • 2017 Appointed Margate's liason to the Margate/Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce   

  • 2017 Voted  Vice-Chair of  the Margate Community Redevelopment Agency

  • 2016/11/08  ELECTED Margate City Commissioner  Seat 1

  • 2016 Re-appointed to the City of Margate Planning & Zoning Board

  • 2015 Voted Vice Chair of the Margate Planning & Zoning Board

  • 2015 Re-appointed to City of Margate Planning & Zoning Board

  • 2014  Lost City Commissioner race by 1.66% to the sitting Mayor

  • 2014 Appointed to the Broward County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

  • 2014 Re-appointed to City of Margate Planning & Zoning Board

  • 2014 Elected Secretary/Treasurer of Margate Chamber of Commerce

  • 2013 Voted Small Business Leader of the Year by  the                                                                                                                      Margate Chamber of Commerce

  • 2013 Appointed to the City of Margate Planning & Zoning Board

  • 2013 Elected Executive Secretary of Margate Chamber of Commerce

  • 2013 Re-elected to the Margate Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • 2013 A Judge of the City of Margate July 4th Parade

  • 2012 Named Chamber Ambassador of the Month June 2012

  • 2012 Graduated from the Inagural Class of Margate Community College

  • 2012 Elections Clerk for City of Margate Precienct 20

  • 2011 Re-elected to the Margate Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • 2009 Elected to Margate Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • 2006 Became a Father for the second time and loving every minute of it

  • 2003 Moved to Margate from Coral Springs.​

Anthony Caggiano, is for now, a full time father.  The  COVID-19 crisis has correctly focused his attention on his daughters education.  He is also using this opportunity, to expand his knowledge, taking redevelopment classes.


Anthony was a Lighting Consultant at EMPIRE LIGHTING RESOURCES, an ESCO firm (Energy Savings Company), which specializes in cutting edge, high-vision, energy-efficient lighting that increases their clients’ safety, security and visibility while having an impressive return on investment. EMPIRE LIGHTING RESOURCES has a service, maintenance and consulting presence in South Florida, Tennessee and Virginia.


Before moving to Broward County from New York in 1988, Anthony was employed for eight years by Kidder, Peabody & Co., a Wall Street brokerage firm where he was sponsored for and attained both his stock and commodity brokers’ licenses. He subsequently worked at the World Trade Center assisting traders in the Crude Oil, Heating Oil & Natural Gas Pits. He currently maintains a Broward County Certificate of Competency AE license.


A graduate of The University of New York at Binghamton where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Anthony also did Graduate Course study in International Business at Pace University and at The New School of Social Research in New York City. In 2012, he graduated from the Inaugural Session of Margate Community College.


Anthony has been married to his wife, Assia Zoubiri, for 32 years. Home owners in Margate since 2003, they previously lived for ten years in Coral Springs. Assia, originally from Casablanca, Morocco and fluent in English, French and Arabic, studied Theology and is focused on improving childhood education. Anthony and Assia are the proud parents of seventeen year old, Sophia, who often joins her Dad at County and City functions. Anthony’s 34-year old son, Jason, from an earlier marriage holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the State University of New York at New Paltz. An analyst in the Corporate Office of Citibank in Wilmington, Delaware. Jason attended Temple University Graduate School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in pursuit of a degree in Quantitative Statistical Analysis.  Jason, in June 2016, married the love of his life, Claire.  In 2019, Jason & Claire brought into this world, Abigail and in 2022, Miles was born.  Anthony has been heard to say, "now Jason finally has a clue, how much I love him".


Anthony has a life-long passion for and a history of being involved in community service. He was appointed to and sat on the City of Margate’s Planning and Zoning Board where he was voted its Vice-Chair, for two of the three years he sat on the Board. He had been on the Margate Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors for four years, and when he left the Board he was holding the office of Secretary/Treasurer. Anthony, until January of 2015, was the Chairman of the Chamber’s Ambassadors’ Committee, a selected group of individuals who volunteer to provide a crucial link between the Chamber, its members and the City at large.


Anthony was a judge for the 2013 Margate Fourth of July Parade. In March of 2015, Anthony judged the Talent Show at 1st City of Margate Fair.  He has also been a Poll Deputy for elections in Margate for many years. Since becoming active in the Chamber, Anthony can be seen at most City Commission Meetings, Community Redevelopment Association meetings and City events.


As a young man, Anthony distinguished himself by earning the rank of Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). He was chosen by his Troop to join Suanhacky Lodge #49, a unit of the Order of the Arrow, the National Honor Society of the BSA.  A few years later, he won a county-wide election in Queens County (NY) where he was elected Suanhacky’s Lodge Chief.


Anthony firmly believes that Margate should be THE CITY THAT YOU DRIVE TO and NOT THROUGH and will continue working to make that happen.

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