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What do I see when I look at Margate


     What do I see when I look at Margate? What is my vision for Margate? And, how can we get from here to there?   Those three questions though short in quantity of words are critical in determining if you should support me or not. 

What do I see when I look at Margate? 


    I see:

  • An highly accredited Police Department.

  • An international award winning Fire Department.

  • A Chamber of Commerce working to make positive changes for the business community.

  • A diverse ethnic and religious community that peacefully co-exists.

  • A city getting younger while still caring for its seniors

  • and sports fields that can handle tournaments for our Margate Championship Little League teams, bringing in sporting tourist dollars and recognition.


   What I also see:

  • A City Commission that is finally moving Margate in the right direction

  • The sport fields, the life blood of our youth/our community, being totally renovated

  • Development coming into Margate repurposing dyeing strip centers 

  • A CRA that understands that buying land and adding to its portfolio was the only way to make changes now verses waiting decades(if ever)for property owners to renovate and update their properties 

  • Margate was once called “The City with a Plan”,  after decades of nothing Margate finally deserves that name.


  What is my vision for Margate:


  • A City Hall that is respected by the citizenry for how they use our hard earned tax dollars and the quality of decisions being made to make the city a better place.  A place to brag about.

  •  A city that is being lead by its Commissioners, giving directions and parameters to the staff on how they want things accomplished.  Reporting procedures in place so that when any problem arises the City Manager knows that he/she must inform their bosses, the Commissioners.  I for one am shocked when I hear Commissioners say, “We only just heard about this long standing problem.” A city where there is accountability and ramifications for poor management, by the City Manager?  

  • Higher income families moving into Margate because our schools excel, increasing housing values for all of us. 

  • A city that actively welcomes a wide range of citizens from seniors, families with youngsters, college graduates and minorities.

  • Where civic involvement is bragged about and not begged for. Where people look out their front door and want to meet their neighbor because they realize that for us as a community to succeed, we must all become active INVESTORS in our community. 

  • Where families are invited to stay and participate in Commission meetings and not told that, “You’ve got your awards, we’ll take a break so you can go home.”

  • Where sound practices were put in place that encouraged businesses to come/come back to Margate.

  • A city that once again is a little league destination, for the best players, because our fields are the tops in S. Florida.

  • A city that has entertainment appeal to people from outside. Imagine a conversation in Parkland or Coral Springs going like this:  “What do you want to do tonight?” and the reply being, “Hey, let’s go to that place in Margate.”

  • A city that has been able to maintain, staff and properly train its Fire and Police Departments.

  • And a disbanded CRA not because it was time limited out, but because it sold its catalog of properties to firms that are going to build, lease or sell the units. Putting these properties back on the city’s tax rolls after they had been a money pit to Margate citizens for over a decade.  

  • A city run with a service motive, with competent business savvy Commissioners capable of funding the services necessary for the greater good.  

  • A City Commission that when they say," I take responsibility"  actually mean it and plan to do something to make sure it never happens again.


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