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Investors Eye Carolina Club Golf Course for Housing

Those living in and around The Carolina Golf Club at 3011 Rock Island Road may soon be losing fairway views. Open in 1973, all 18 holes could be replaced by homes if the price is right. The property has a just market value of about $3.5 million, according to 12-31-2017)* While too early to determine whether investors lobbying City Hall are looking to attract homebuyers or renters, at least two elected officials - Vice Mayor, Anthony Caggiano, and Commissioner, Tommy Ruzzano - said they prefer homeowners over renters should golf course owners sell. The land is presently zoned *S-2 Recreational, a land use that prohibits housing. Inasmuch, the project will require a zoning variance, Ruzzano said. (Click to view Sec. 28.3) Economic forces have hammered the golfing industry for half a decade, reported MarketWatch in March . Country Club revenues have grown a scant 1% annually and the 'links' as a center of corporate deal-making continues to decay. Country Clubs are failing to attract enough newer members to offset attrition, and the sport is expensive, time consuming, and has become less appealing to younger professionals, writes the trade publication. Ruzzano and Caggiano separately said they favor compatibility with surrounding communities in terms of design and aesthetics. Both like the idea of density and the figurative potential to “raise the roof” on building height restrictions. Ruzzano said he doesn’t want the project to be a surprise to area homeowners should the golf course close on the sale.

He suggests that residents watch for the item at coming city commission meetings. Residents can also email elected officials at Presently, the Carolina Club is open for golf, refreshing beverages and tasty pub food.

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