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Commission Candidate Responds to Criticism (Letter)

In response to a letter criticizing campaign literature at the city's Memorial Day event, Margate city commission candidate, Anthony Caggiano, said he acted "honorably and with respect." ______________ To view the letter read: CERT Chief Slams Commission Candidate for Campaigning on Memorial Day Caggiano's response: I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day. There are those that made the Memorial Day Ceremony a special event and deserve all of our thanks: · For those that missed it, Colonel H. H. Millard of the U.S. Army gave a poignant and timely speech. · Parks and Recreation, a vital department to our City · The Dixieland Stompers · American Legion Post 157 · And, of course, all the veteran’s, family of veterans and non-military citizens who attended to show their respect to those who stood/stand on the front line protecting our way of life. Mr. DeCristofaro is only correct on one item in his attack, I am not a veteran - neither is he. But like him I have veterans in my family who have served. Memorial Day was always important in our house growing up, my father served for 33 years in the Naval Reserve (retired honorably), my brother-in-law, E. Gray Glass III, is a proud Marine (honorably discharged) and my nephew, Robert J. Caggiano, who did a scary tour in Afghanistan is finishing his enlistment in August. I respect the military and the job they do every single day. As a Cub Scout and Boy Scout (eventually earning the Eagle Scout award) respect for the Flag, my community and this country is ingrained, a foregone conclusion. Let me come back to the word “honorably”. Did I hand out a pamphlet titled, “The History of Our Flag: How to Care For and Display”? Absolutely. What better day is there than Memorial Day to give out a pamphlet on how to care for our flag? Did I pay for the pamphlet? Yes. Did I mention to Margate residents that I was running for Margate City Commissioner? Yes. Anyone who was there knows that I gave the brochures out in the back area, where cars were parked and nowhere near the actual ceremony. What I did not do was: · Pull people aside for extended conversations · Share who I was running against, unless specifically asked · Ask people to sign petitions

· Engage in handing out flyers after I saw that the ceremony had started because as I have, for at least the last six years, stood in reverent silence, listening to the many speeches honoring our warriors.

Mr. DeCristofaro is allowed to have his opinion, this is America and every single service person has served for him to have that right. What he is saying is only speculative and, as usual, uninformed. He never came up and asked me what I was doing, nor did he walk past me at any time and listen to what I shared with guests as they walked in. If he was disgusted, embarrassed, and appalled at my actions, one would think he would have said something to me. Memorial Day is a day that honors courage and bravery. I don’t bite. I acted honorably and with respect. My parents taught me what was right and wrong. I teach my children what is right and wrong, by words and actions. The early start to my campaign has flustered those that want the status quo to remain. My loss by 1.66% in the last election, to the sitting Mayor, shook up a lot of people. The hard work of getting out, meeting you and earning your vote is being frowned upon, by those trying to shame me into silence. I’m doing the unthinkable. I’m out talking to you and asking for your vote because you deserve to be asked, to feel that your opinions do matter and most importantly are to be respected. Business as usual is being challenged and I am seen as a threat. Good. I am a threat because I respect you, wantour tax dollars spent wisely and will work to make this city better for all of us: young and old, old-timer and newcomer, condo dweller and homeowner. This is just another scurrilous attack, to try and discredit me. The mudslinging has started because I had the audacity to hand out a pamphlet titled, “The History of Our Flag: How to Care For and Display” and introduce myself. Haven’t we had enough dirty, slimy and nonsensical attacks, while our City falls behind its neighbors? I will be working every day to make you understand that you must expect better from the people who ‘should be’ representing you and then demand that it happens. You really do deserve better. Margate deserves better. God bless Margate, God bless America Regards, Anthony N. Caggiano (954) 247-4819.

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Reader Comments:

By The Funny Thing Is... on 05/30/2015

Incumbents aren't campaigning during events like this, but they are surely using the pictures from their photo ops later in campaign times.

By Are you sure your a WWII Vet? on 05/29/2015

If not a celebration then why a parade? See "South Euclid will allow political candidates to participate in Memorial Day parade" at "The decision came after the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio sent a letter to South Euclid asking it to rescind a policy that allowed incumbents to participate in the city's Memorial Day parade but not other challengers." What is good for the goose is good for the gander. So if elected officials are going to participate in the Margate ceremony then candidates can to according to the ACLU.

By A WW 2 Veteran on 05/29/2015

All of you that think what this man did is right have your head in your ass. Memorial Day isn't a funeral, but it is a day of rememberance. NOT A CELEBRATION. That's all I am going to say. I have read the previous comments, for those that see that he is in the wrong, good, you all have respect. For those of you that don't think it was wrong to campaign at a Memorial Day ceremony, get your head out if your ass and get some respect.

By Memorial Day is NOT a funeral on 05/29/2015

Memorial Day is not a funeral. It is a celebration of freedom. Freedom of speech, political freedom, freedom from oppression (like is happening on this board)freedom to share, to love and to be loved. These are the reasons soldiers die in battle. To me having a candidate campaign brings more life to the ceremony. Nothing is wrong with it. Embrace it. Or not and make yourself heard when you cast your ballot. Another reason soldiers die in battle. The right to vote democratically. For gods sake stop ridiculing the man.

By Got my vote on 05/29/2015

Let me get this right. Commissioner Talerico who was elected by the people including veterans and who is paid $28,000 a year to represent them did not attend the ceremony in their honor. Caggiano attended the ceremony and wants to run for Talerico's seat. Sounds to me like it most definitely was the right place to campaign. Any veteran who is bothered by this has their head up their ass. not to mention the whole freakin' ceremony is political. The Mayor spoke for 10 minutes. Commissioners unveiled the fallen soldier statue. It is all politicking. Only a fool cannot see that.

By on 05/29/2015

Caggiano, it doesn't matter, you don't go to a ceremony and campaign. Campaign on any other day for all I care, but don't go to a ceremony and campaign. You got my vote last election, but you will not get it this year.

By jsb on 05/29/2015

To Correction. Money owed by an entity that is not going to pay is "money lost." Support our Paramedics. They are wonderful....

By Teresa on 05/28/2015

To keep bringing up the money that is owed to the City of Margate by the Alzheimer Center and that their was bad book keeping practices. I bring it back on topic of the Anthony Caggiano and his campaigning. I have a question for you....why hasn't Caggiano brought it up before this. He has made it well known that he with his great and all powerful economics degree he has reviewed the budget for the last several years....hhmmmm....this situation has been going on for several years....why has Caggiano not brought this up at the many budget workshops and commission meetings that he has supposedly attended? He is very quick to throw other people under the bus for not doing their job. Well Mr. Caggiano, you think that you can do a better job? You haven't so far because this was not brought out by you and your all knowing and all seeing great almighty economics degree when it was clearly in the budget report every year. You can hardly fault someone for doing the same poor job that you did...oh and by the way...none of the sitting commissioners have an economics degree, so I can understand them missing something like that. I guess you better stick to selling light bulbs...yeah great use of your wonderful degree.

By on 05/28/2015

The only thing I read in the agreement is that the Center has to pay back up to $75,000, the city was supposed to end services to the Center after the debt went above that. The Center will likely take this court and the best defense the city will have is that they don't know how or why this happened because they don't want to investigate it. Poor defense. Also, bad accounting practices by the city is not an excuse. Money = gone. Except for $75,000.

By Money is gone on 05/28/2015

The city doesn't have the money. The Alzheimer's Center doesn't have the money. For those that can read there is nothing in the contract that indicates the Center owes the city anything. Even if they do pay it back it does not absolve the fact that the city lost track of it in the first place. As usual Peerman is disillusioned and is misinforming others.

By on 05/28/2015

Now jsb, don't go bringing real issues into this! Heaven forbid we talk about some real issues when there are smoke screens like this to bloviate about. Can't you tell how important this is that people were too disgusted and offended to actually, you know, do something when it was happening? Margate needs a candidate that is willing to stir rumor pots first and foremost, not actually progress the city in any meaningful way.

By Correction on 05/28/2015

I total disagree with that jsp, THE MONEY IS NOT LOST, IT IS OWED BIG DIFFERENCE. But that is Caggiano's twist, if he used his economic degree he would have known this...

By m on 05/28/2015

People, have you forgot that Eddie and Le manipulated the last election so Le would win her re-election. Eddie, Le, and Joann have been close friends for years and they knew Eddie would split the anti-Le votes and get her re-elected which happened. Now Eddie (on Le's command) is already starting to manipulate the next election and you people are falling for it. I have never heard of anyone complaining about the Commissioners and Candidates campaigning during the 4th of July parade or on any other Holiday. How long are the voters in Margate going to allow this?

By jsb on 05/28/2015

This is going to be fun to watch. Still believe he has an advantage in the upcoming election due to the lost money from the alzheimer's center

By Caggiano over Talerico on 05/28/2015

Any day of the week. Good luck Anthony. At least you are not a hypocrite. Looks like you lost a few votes. Oh well. What cracks me up is this negative campaigning comes from the same people who accuse others of it. By the by, soldiers die in battle to protect our political freedoms. People here have a more socialist even communist view of political campaigning. Similar to the way Margate runs its politics now.

By Not buying it on 05/27/2015

I will tell you this sir. Had I been there I most certainly would have told you off. I would have told you to your face that what you were doing was deplorable. But,alas I was not there. I was paying my respects to the fallen heroes in my family that you disrespected.

By Just The Facts on 05/27/2015

Nice try.... Fact: you were campaigning at an event meant to honor our fallen heroes. You can try to dress this up in Pink with a pretty bow but the fact remains that your political information was on the flyer and you were campaigning. If you truly had it in your heart to help people to understand how to care for their flag you would have printed the pamphlets without your name and campaign information in it. Period. Simply put, actions speak louder than words sir, you showed your lack of character in what you did. What is even sadder is the response you submitted and the way you are still trying to defend yourself. Obviously you will never understand what true strength of character and ethical behaviour truly is and the utmost disrespect that you displayed by your actions on Monday. Fortunately there are many people who do. I know that there may still be some people who will be fooled by you but there are many more who are not and will not vote for you in 2016.

By James Dumas on 05/27/2015

Very well said

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