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Spirit Dealers Get Green Light to Sell at 7 a.m. Sundays

Once having to wait until noon on Sundays to sell beer wine and liquor, spirit retailers in Margate have been approved to sell from 7 a.m. to midnite seven days a week. In a recent 3-2 decision during a public hearing Wednesday, elected officials said yes to expanding hours. ___________ Vice Mayor, Arlene Schwartz, and Commissioner, Joanne Simone, were in dissent. The two agreed residents could wait until noon on Sundays in the name of public safety. Moreover, Simone didn’t like the idea of early sales on the Sabbath. “Because to me Sunday is the Lord’s day and I don’t think alcohol should be sold before 12 o’clock on the Lord’s Day and I don’t think it keeps our city streets safe before selling it before 12 o’clock on Sunday, because you’ll have people buying beer earlier in the morning and possibly getting into an accident,” she said at an earlier meeting. Commissioner, Lesa Peerman, said the hours’ restriction sends residents to neighboring cities to purchase spirits on Sunday morning, which harms the local economy. Commissioner, Anthony Caggiano, and Mayor, Tommy Ruzzano, favored the ordinance, calling it a win for commerce and a larger share of state sales tax dollars for Margate residents. The law took effect just days before Super Bowl LI Sunday and does not apply to restaurants or bars. Only licensed retailers of packaged beer, wine, and spirits such as liquor stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations. No one from the public came forward to speak for or against the matter. ______________ *Photo

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