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Who Is Running for Commissioner in 2016?

With three city commission seats up for grabs in November 2016, two candidates have officially filed to run. Mayor, Tommy Ruzzano will defend Seat 4 after a single term as city commissioner, and Margate resident, Anthony Caggiano, will vie for Seat 1 occupied now by Commissioner, Frank Talerico. No one yet has signed up for Seat 2 where Commissioner, Joyce Bryan sits. ___________ Anthony Caggiano Caggiano nearly defeated second-term Commissioner, Lesa Peerman, for Seat 3 last year. He took eight of Margate’s 16 precincts on Election Day and before losing by 157 votes reigned victorious in early voting by 16%. The married father of two is well educated, active in the Margate Chamber of Commerce and currently sits as Vice Chair on the City’s Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z). An economics major in college, Caggiano has his eye on the budget and speaks to it frequently at city meetings. A member of the City's P&Z, he has been vocal over the potential for traffic problems caused by over development downtown. Caggiano supports small business growth in Margate and is employed by Empire Lighting, a company that promotes low candle power, high output lighting products for commercial buildings and parking lots. “I lost by less than two percent out of over eleven thousand votes cast. I had over five thousand people vote for me. I owe it to those who supported me and who voted for me to redouble my efforts and give it another shot,” he told in May. According to public records, Caggiano can be reached at 754-423-4260. ____________ Tommy Ruzzano One of five candidates running for Seat 4 in 2012, Ruzzano won the Seat by a 3% margin over number-two vote getter Joyce Bryan, who last year won a Seat previously occupied by suspended commissioner, David McLean. A married father of four, Ruzzano is owner/operator of Ruzzano Construction, a company that specializes in municipal capital improvement projects. As a licensed general contractor, the '40-something' has brought a level of expertise to the city commission in areas of construction and development - something it lacked prior. The baseball dad has proven to be on the side of smart redevelopment, yet has expressed concern over City Center plans. Ruzzano has advocated for fewer new homes downtown and more public space and amenities for residents already living in the City. He has the resources for a well-funded campaign and likely will receive endorsements from prominent elected officials in surrounding cities. According to public records, Ruzzano can be reached at 954-629-8222 ____________ Potential incumbents who have picked up campaign packets for the 2016 election include Frank Talerico (Seat 1), who has already announced he will not be running for re-election, and Joyce Bryan (Seat 2), who has yet to announce her run. Residents at large who have picked up campaign packets include: Mildred Lester; Edward DeCristofaro; Arlene Schwartz; Mitch Pellecchia and Emily Tiernan. The Qualifying period for the November 8, 2016 is June 20th to June 24th 2016. The City Clerk’s Office suggests not waiting until the final day of the qualifying period to submit campaign packets. For questions about filing for candidacy contact the Margate City Clerk. _______________

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