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Margate Celebrates First Citizen Graduates by:

Margate Celebrates First Citizen Graduates

July 07, 2012 / By Mitchell Pellecchia

Sixteen Margate residents were recognized last week for finishing the city’s 8-week Margate Community College course. Spearheaded by City Commissioner, Frank Talerico and modeled similar to programs in neighboring cities, Margate Community College is designed to better educate citizens on the functions of local government. “It’s something that you [Talerico] implemented and you’re the brainstorm on this one. I think it was a great idea, it opened up doors for residents to see how the city operates on a day to day basis,” said Margate Vice Mayor, David McLean at last week's city meeting. _______________ In response to the growing complexities of municipal government, programs such as Margate Community College have sprung up across the nation to educate residents, foster communication between taxpayers and city government and help develop future city leaders and representatives. Comments from Margate’s first graduating class were positive. Many said the program was well organized, rigorous and enlightening and they would recommend it to neighbors. The spring session was attended largely by city commission candidates and business and community leaders. The next Margate Community College class begins October 2, 2012 and runs for seven consecutive Tuesdays. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Classes are conducted in various facilities throughout the city including City Hall, Calypso Cove, The Department of Environmental and Engineering Services, Margate Police Training & Transit Center, Fire Station 98 and the Northwest Focal Point Senior Center. For more information contact the City Manager’s Office at 954-935-5300 or email the City Manager. A maximum 20 students will be accepted for the October session.

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